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e-BRIDGE Capture & Store

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Ürün Adı:  e-BRIDGE Capture & Store

Ürün Kodu:  101

Kategori:  Özel Yazılım Hizmetleri
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Günümüzdeki iş ortamında bir çok kağıt ortamındaki bilginin iş akışlarımızda kullanılmaktadır.  e‑BRIDGE Capture & Store kağıt dokümanları dijitalleştirip, size zaman ve paradan tasarruf ettirecek en uygun uygulamadır. 

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store allows administrators to create automatic workflows for sophisticated document handling via an easy‑to‑use web‑based server interface in just a few minutes. Thanks to the seamless integration with our Toshiba MFPs users can easily input additional index information while scanning. Existing digital documents can simple be dropped into so‑called "watch folders". Alternatively they can be sent to the server by e‑mail or you can use the desktop client to select from different workflows and add meta data to your digital documents. Proper indexing is key to successfully retrieve your documents at a later stage. e‑BRIDGE Capture & Store comes with a variety of features that support you with that and make it possible to even index documents without user intervention. The built‑in OCR engine creates searchable documents from your scanned images, while zonal OCR and barcode recognition can be used to specifically extract information from the document such as an invoice or customer number. Data can even be added to a document in the form of annotations, stamps or even barcodes. e‑BRIDGE Capture & Store's scripting capabilities and optional modules allow you to adapt the application to your needs. Once the document has been processed it is now time to store or distribute it. A variety of so‑called connectors allow you to send the document and associated meta data to 3rd party systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Drive, Evernote and many more.

You can also distribute the document by e‑mail, share it on a file server and store the meta data in a database. If needed, you can even send it to multiple destinations at the same time or conditionally to one or the other.



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